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Matt Newton is the managing editor and publisher at CavaliersNow, a Sports Illustrated publication covering the Virginia Cavaliers. Matt reports on all 23 of the NCAA Division I sports teams at the University of Virginia. He has been covering UVA athletics since 2019 and has been the publisher at CavaliersNow since August 2021.

A native of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Matt grew up a huge Philadelphia sports fan, but has also been a UVA sports fanatic his entire life thanks to his parents, who are alums of the University of Virginia. Matt followed in his parents' footsteps and attended UVA from 2017-2021, graduating with a degree in Media Studies and a minor in Economics in May of 2021. 

Matt would go on to launch the site, CavaliersNow, in partnership with Sports Illustrated and the Arena Group in August 2021 and has been covering all UVA sports since. 

Connect with Matt:


Twitter: @mattynewtss

Instagram: @matty.newts

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